Locorum is a health and well-being focussed social enterprise that seeks to improve health and social care service delivery and patient public experience by influencing the NHS local CCGs and Social Care.

Locorum engages and works with hard to reach communties, to inform and impact health care services at a regional level through community participation, whilst equipping local people to improve their health and well-being and life chances.

Locorum aims to work across the West Yorkshire region with a clear focus on delivering activities where there are high levels of deprivation and where ethnicity is a determinant in health and health inequality.

Locorum delivers it activities under five key principles:

Locorum has a passion for empowering people to have a say and stake in the delivery of services.
Not only this but they have the ability to engage and equip individuals to become real assets in their community.
Their commitment to quality and equality is very evident in the work that they deliver locally.
Putting people at the forefront of delivery, is a key to their success to date.
Karen Hobson
Third Sector Consultant & Community Voice